Dean Hostager and Norsk Arv

I created to share my Norwegian genealogy resources with others who are exploring their own Norwegian ancestry and heritage. I have also created and shared links to other Norwegian websites, some of them educational, and some just for fun. is also home to my tingbok dictionary. A tingbok is an old Norwegian court record. These books were written in an old form of Danish, since Norway was in am alliance with Denmark at the time they were written. It is ironic to me that I am creating this dictionary, but I can't read, write or speak Norwegian. I can only read some ancient Danish words!

Several of my ancestors can be found in these tingbøker. In one tingbok, one of my ancestors was tried for murder. In another, an ancestor had to pay a fine for illegal fornication. If you find any of your ancestors in a tingbok, I hope they were acquitted!

I have a great fascination for how I came to be. You could tell me that God created the Universe, including me, and I would not argue with you. I would point out that millions and even billions of years ago, stars formed, aged and died. Some of these stars collapsed and exploded, creating all the atoms that make up the earth and my body.

In 2013 I accelerated my personal particles to CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which is home to the Large Hadron Particle Collider and many thousands of scientists attempting to unravel subatomic mysteries of the Universe. While I learned a lot at CERN, I determined that the manifestation of me in the form of matter is quite complicated and should be sorted out by larger brains than mine.

Many years ago I started researching my family history and genealogy. This was a different way I could try to figure out where I came from and why I am here. As it turns out, most of my ancestors came from Norway! I have some Irish ancestors, but I'm still looking into them!

While not quite as mysterious and elusive as subatomic particles, my family history hasn't always been easy to figure out, but I've come a long way in reasearching, creating family trees and learning a bit about my ancestors and the area they inhabited in Norway.

In February of 2016 I received the results of my DNA test:

  • 60% Scandinavia
  • 33% Ireland
  • 3% Great Britain
  • 4% Other, Iberia, Western Europe

My take on the results are that:

  1. Yes, I am mostly Norwegian!
  2. I need to celebrate St. Patrick's Day more than I used to!
  3. I haven't ruled-out being related to the queen of England!
  4. That story grandma used to tell about my Viking ancestors raiding France and bringing back a French maiden might have some truth to it!