Searching the Digital Archives of Norway


The Digital Archives of Norway (Digitalarkivet) is a part of the larger national and state archives of Norway. It is an excellent source of information for people researching ancestors from Norway. These records include people listed in census records, parish registers, emigration records, property tax records, probate records, and more.

Here is a link to the Digital Archives of Norway homepage:


Key Norwegian Words in the Digital Archives

Many of the webpages and much of the material in the Digital Archives can be viewed in English. Even so, knowing some key Norwegian words can be helpful. Here is a link to a list of Norwegian words you might encounter in the Digital Archives:

Norwegian Genealogical Word List 

Searching the Archives

On the Digital Archives main page, you will find a search box labelled “Search the Sources”. In theory, this should search all the digital records listed, but I’m unconvinced that it searches all the records. I need to do some more investigating. To be thorough, you should consider navigating to individual categories and then entering search information there.

Be sure to search with name variations. Sometimes even partial name searches can be helpful. While many of my ancestors had the name Høstager, when I searched using “Høst”, I would sometimes find some of them listed as “Høstaker.”

Digital Archives also has a page describing helpful search tips:  How to Search the Data

Digital Archives Source Links

These links are also on the Digital Archives website. They are included here for convenience.

Digital Archives Site Map

Census Records

1644-1646, 1701, 1769-1855, 1801, 1865, 1875, 1885, 1900, 1910
Municipal Censuses
Full Text Transcripts  
New Solution for Scanned Censuses (beta)  

Parish Registers

Digitized Parish Registers 
New Site for Digitized Parish Registers (beta) 
Transcribed Parish Registers 
Marriage Register 
Full Text Transcriptions 

Probate Records

Digitized Probate Documents 
Search in Probate Registers 
Search in Death Reports
Full Text Transcriptions 

Landed Propert Tax Records

Search Matrikler 
Search Jordebøker 
Digitized Matrikkel of 1838 
Digitized Matrikkelforarbeidet of 1723 
Digitized Jordebøker from 1595-1754 
Full Text Transcriptions 

Legal Proceedings and Sanctions

Digitized Documents from Legal Proceedings 
Search Prison Registers 
Tingbøker - Court Journal Transcripts 

Accounts and Tax Lists

The Silver Tax of 1816 
Search the Silver Tax of 1816 
The Extra Tax 0f 1762 
Search the Extra Tax of 1762 
Search the Poll Tax 
Norske Lensrekneskapsbøker  
Search the Tax Censuses 
Full Text Transcriptions 


Emigratation Register 
Real Estate Records 
Search in Probate Registers 
Digitized Address Books for Kristiania/Oslo and Aker